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tea colour guide feature image with text colour wheel and teacup images- tea chocolate and charms

This fun tea colour guide is a little reminiscent of the small boxes of crayons with multiple colours.  This post helps us take tea to the next level as it introduces us to a “boxful” of unexpected colours of tea.

tea colour guide- open box of crayons

Let’s dive right in, open up the tea box and read about the different colours of tea featured in this tea colour guide. BONUS: There’s a colour of tea for every day of the week!

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TCC Tea Colour Guide

1/ Red Tea (Rooibos Tea)

tea chocolate and charms- red tea in tea cup and loose leaf rooibos tea

This is one of my favourite teas as I really enjoy the distinctive flavour. The tea is made from a plant native to South Africa known as the Aspalathus linearis. A benefit of drinking rooibos tea is that it helps improve the skin making it youthful due to anti-ageing properties.

2/ Yellow Tea (Huángchá)

tea colour guide- yellow tea in teacup and loose leaf tea

Yellow tea is found mainly in China and is produced from the Camellia sinensis plant. This rare tea is quite similar to green tea which is produced from the same plant. However, its production includes an extra step where the leaves are steamed. This process, known as “sealed yellowing”, is responsible for the colour of this tea as well as its taste. Yellow tea is great in decreasing inflammation which can help in pain reduction.

3/ Green Tea (Matcha Green Tea)

I love the shade of green of this tea which is a firm fixture in Japanese culture. Matcha originates from the same plant as green tea, called Camellia sinensis. However, the whole leaf is used in production making it more effective in smaller amounts. Also, the plant is grown under different conditions. Matcha is known for improving focus giving mental clarity and alertness.

4/ Blue Tea (Butterfly Pea Flower Tea)tea colour guide- blue tea in a tea cup surrounded with blue pea flowers

This unique tea is common in South East Asia and is made from the Clitoria ternatea plant. With its shockingly blue colour, this tea can be drunk hot or cold. An interesting benefit of butterfly pea flower tea is that the earthy flavour of the tea is said to be a mood enhancer. Blue tea can also help in relieving anxiety.

5/ Purple Tea

tea colour guide- purple tea in tea cup

This rare Kenyan purple tea is produced from a crossbred variety of the Camellia sinensis plant. Purple tea has high antioxidant activity even more than green tea and black tea. This activity can help to prevent chronic diseases and is said to be beneficial in fighting different types of cancer. The antioxidants may also improve brain health.

6/ Pink Tea (Kashmiri Chai)

tea chocolate and charms- pink tea in tea cup

This unusual tea hails from the Kashmir region, the northern-most area of the Indian sub-continent. It is made from the green tea leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. This tea is particularly unusual as it is traditionally made with sea salt resulting in a salty but creamy taste. Due to the saffron in this tea, Kashmiri chai supports the building up the body’s immune system.

7/ White Tea

tea colour guide- white tea in tea cup and loose leaf tea

The final tea in our tea colour guide, white tea, is also made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. It has its origins in China and is one of the least processed teas. White tea is a good source of fluoride which can work against bacteria to help strengthen teeth.

Tea Colour Guide- Colour Blends

Like colours that we combine to form new colours and varieties, the same can be said of tea. Here are a few examples of interesting blends that combine some of the teas above:

    • Rooibos Vanilla Tea
    • Purple Tea Matcha
    • White Tea Rose Melange
    • Blue Raspberry Tea– this blend involves a change of colour as seen in the short video clip.

    Now you have another way to try tea: Choose your favourite colour from the list and try that cup of the tea. Discover new tastes and teas!

    Have you tried any of the teas above? We’d love to hear your experiences 🙂

Post Author: Tamika G

25 Replies to “Fun Tea Colour Guide- Unexpected Colours of Tea”

  1. Oh-em-ggggg!!! I just got super excited scrolling through this post !!! I need to try them alllll!!
    Thanks so much for sharing this !

  2. I adore herbal tea. It is my favorite way to get my water intake. But I did not know that you could get herbal teas that would make these lovely colors. I am so excited and now determined to try them all. I have images of hosting a tea party and serving pink and blue tea. That sounds like so much fun. Thank you for letting us know about these exotic teas.
    I look forward to seeing what your next post is about.

    1. Hi Dovey, it’s always great to meet a fellow tea fan. Thanks so much for commenting. Your tea party sounds awesome, would love to attend 😀 Enjoy the variety of teas!

    1. Hi there, thank you for your comment. As black tea tends to be the most common tea I didn’t focus on it in this post. Maybe I will do so in the future but it really depends on personal preference with tea in terms of the strength of the brew. Leaving the tea bag to steep in the water will give you a stronger tea compared to a quick dip of course. Generally, the tea you purchase has instructions as well as there can be variations based on the types of tea. I hope that helps.

  3. Wow what a fun way to talk about tea. I had no idea that there were so many variations for tea and you’ve made my day now that I know you can get purple tea. Which one is your favourite?

  4. I love rooibos tea, especially rooibos and vanilla tea. I could drink that every day! It has a unique and beautiful flavor. White tea is also one I really enjoy. I have never heard of blue and purple tea. I must try them out soon.
    I’m a tea lover, and there are still so many teas I haven’t tried yet. I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for more of your posts 🙂

    1. Hi Christine, thank you for your comment. Yes, I saw rooibos & vanilla tea, it looks delicious! White tea is also one that I enjoy. Enjoy your tea discovery journey!

  5. This is great information about different teas! I actually have Rooibos tea, white tea, Turmeric and Ginger tea, and Matcha green Tea powder in my cabinet now!

    I really like Rooibos tea, but also many others! I get the Tick Tock organic brand… I like that it’s caffeine free and tastes so good!

    I have written an article about “Drinks for Weight Loss”, if you wouldn’t mind me sharing. Please take a look. We share a common interest!

    Best of Health,

    1. Hi Devara, thank you for your comment. You have quite a tea collection, that’s great. Yes, I’ll be sure to take a look at your article. Best of health to you too.

  6. How cool is this, I never looked at tea from this point of view. The colorful world we live in. I didn’t even know that purple tea exists. I might have to try some of these. Thanks for widening my horizon.

    1. Hi Hendrik, thanks for your comment. Yes, I think it’s really cool that they are such a variety of colours of tea. I hope you are able to try some of them 🙂

  7. Hi Tamika,
    Like you one of my favourite teas is the red one because of its distinctive color and flavour. I even believed as a child that it produces blood! What I didn’t know was that drinking rooibos tea helps make the skin youthful. The other one is the green tea. It’s the most popular here in West Africa where it is believed to help one lose weight.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Akoli, thank you for sharing that fact about green tea, how helpful! Great to hear that red bush is one of your favourite teas as well, it really is a great option.

  8. Wow, Tamika, great post!!
    I had no idea there were so many colourful teas. I’ve tried the usual black, white and green, but these other ones look amazing. Who knew?? LOL
    And I love how you explained the benefits of using each kind. I guess the best thing is to have a different colour each day to get them all.
    Wonderful post and thank you!

  9. Super interesting article!
    I did not know that there were so many teas. I particularly liked how you included some health benefits for each tea and it made me want to try some of these.
    I usually drink green tea and really like this tea.
    Thank you for all the great information about teas!

  10. Hello Tamika,

    This is just ” WOW” true heaven for tea lovers. My favorite tea is green tea. But I read about some new types of tea here which I never tried before!! Such as White tea and Kashmiri Chai! I mean wow I never thought there is a white tea haha. I thought at first just a tea with milk!

    Really I enjoyed reading this article it is for sure a unique one. Now I want tea and some pancakes!
    You should offer free food with your website, it makes us hungry! hahaha

    1. Hi Mohammad, thank you for your comment. I’m glad to hear that you learnt about different types of teas through this post. I hope you try a new one too. Ahaha, I do share recipes so you can check those out.

  11. Thank you for this amazing article Tamika. I heard about red and green teas but never actually heard about blue, pink and purple tea. I enjoy tea on a daily basis, and you just gave an idea to enjoy it even more when I try these, to me, new flavors.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Stranhinja, thank you for your comment. I’m glad to hear that you were able to discover new teas. There are really unusual flavours out there that are not very well-known. Happy tea-drinking!

  12. Hey there,

    I am a big tea fan but I wasn’t in aware that tea existed in so many vivid colors.
    I guess that a specific tea color would nicely fit some biscuits 🙂 My favorite one is the purple tea. I’m sure it’s also very healthy 🙂

    1. Hi Asen, thank you for your comment. That’s an excellent suggestion, linking the tea colours to biscuits. I may have to do a follow-up Pt 2 about that.

      You are right all the teas are healthy and the purple tea is a great choice 🙂

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