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It’s summertime and this season brings with it lots of sunshine β˜€, longer days, outdoor fun and various activities. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make new memories for yourself and with family & friends. Charms are a great way to remember these good times. As such, we didn’t want to miss this opportunity to share with you 15 silver charms for bracelets (under US$10) that are lovely visual reminders of the summer. These adorable charms are awesome to celebrate various aspects and activities of summer.

We’ve covered the most popular summer fun times. Find the right charms that represent your happiest summer memories!

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Puzzles & Games Evenings

Fixing jigsaw puzzles and playing board or card games is a fun way to pass the summer evening or night. It’s good to unplug from technology for a while and plug in with family and friends for a few hours. If you’re a very competitive type, then remember that the goal is to have fun and you don’t have to win each game (although if you do, that’s awesome ? ). Recall evenings of competitive fun with this charm.


It wouldn’t truly be summer without some retail therapy. This charm is a great way to remember the memories made on your shopping trip(s). Some women I know make a full day of shopping and it’s an annual event on their calendar. They go with their girlfriends, to browse in the malls and kick back with a lovely meal afterwards enjoying the girl talk as they rest sore feet.


Popcorn for me is synonymous with movies and the cinema. I make some time to watch a summer movie at the movie theatre while indulging in some cinema snacks for which popcorn tops the list. Buy this charm to commemorate your multiple movie summer or purchase the charm to specially mark your favourite summer movie.



Take me out to the ball game? Baseball, football/soccer or tennis- choose your preferred sport and get out this summer either as a spectator or a player. If you can, get some friends to join you too for even more summer fun!

15 silver charms for bracelets under US$10- baseball charm15 silver charms for bracelets under US$10- football charm


I have personally seen too many people out and about with their dogs particularly in the summertime to not mention this one. The lovely weather in summer makes it great to take dogs out for a long walk. Who says creating new memories are limited to humans only? This dog charm is really cute but if you’re not a dog person, that’s ok. I’m sure you can find a charm that works for your favourite animal.


Music adds a great vibe to our lives and there is always new music for the summer to make our days a little bit sweeter. You’re guaranteed to be dancing ? your way through the summer days as you listen to the songs on the device of your choice. Buy this charm and you can add a jingle when you dance as your charm chimes in πŸ˜‰

Beach & Water-Related

15 silver charms for bracelets under US$10- flip flop and starfish charm

No summer is complete without a visit to the beach, lake, river, pool or some body of water where you can dip your feet. Have fun in the water and let the cool water refresh you or stay dry and enjoy the scenery and atmosphere at your favourite spot. If you enjoy reading, it’s definitely a great place to read. Prioritize R&R this summer!

15 silver charms for bracelets under US$10- beach chair charm
15 silver charms for bracelets under US$10- green turtle charm


Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

15 silver charms for bracelets under US$10- charm of the world

Summer is a fantastic time to explore the world and/or the country in which you live. It’s one of my personal favourite things to do for the summer. For those who travel abroad, it’s fun to sightsee, learn about a new culture & way of life and make new friends. If you travel locally, it’s cheaper of course and still helps you explore new places and see your country from a different perspective. See what you can afford based on your budget and indulge in some wanderlust.

15 silver charms for bracelets under US$10- USA country charm with flag


There are lovely flowers in bloom in summer. It’s a great opportunity to have a wander through parks and gardens and see the flowers in their colourful splendour. With these two gorgeous charms, you can celebrate your love of flowers and keep a little flowery goodness with you all year round on your bracelet.

15 silver charms for bracelets under US$10- pink flower charm
15 silver charms for bracelets under US$10- orchid ad butterfly charm

Live, Love, Laugh

This charm wraps up the post nicely with a timeless reminder as you celebrate and enjoy the summer season and beyond. As we live, let’s love those around us and remember to laugh often (side note: it’s a good stress reliever).


Thank you so much for reading this summer β˜€ edition list of Tea Chocolate and Charms’ 15 silver charms for bracelets. Look out for other lists in the future.

Now we really would love to hear from you. How are you celebrating the summer? What are some of the movies on your watchlist? Do you have plans to travel?

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Post Author: Tamika G

26 Replies to “15 Silver Charms for Bracelets (Summer Edition- Under USD$10)”

  1. Hi Tamika,

    Nice tips on Silver charms for bracelets. I am planning to buy one for my wife as it’s her birthday this month. We love travelling, so the one with the turquoise globe looks fantastic. And it’s only 4.99 on Amazon! Great! thanks a lot

    1. Hi Stefan, thank you for your comment. Yes, I bought the turquoise globe as well, so gorgeous! Wishing your wife a very happy birthday to your wife!

  2. I had a giggle when you mentioned that if you’re competitive, it’s about having fun! Sounds like my husband. We have games times on occasion. It’s so much fun encouraging the kids to play as a family and see them doing something that’s not technology related. I love the charm you’ve listed here, it’s so apt. I love the dog bone charm and the turtle charm too. Gosh, really, I think they’re all adorable and you’ve done an amazing job celebrating summer with this post.

    1. Hi kat, thank you for your comment. Haha, it is really hard for competitive people to lighten up. Yes, the charms are really cute I know!! I’m looking forward to getting some more for sure.

      1. Hi Tamika. You have a very great article on how to choose charms. I love beaches and everything water like falls. The turtle charm is cute. Haha…

  3. This is a great website! Lots of great charms to choose from and some nice information to go along with each. My favorite charms would have to be the beach ones.

    1. Hi Chris, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yes, the beach and water-related category seems to be quite popular for obvious reasons! Who doesn’t like the beach!

  4. Thank you I never would have even known there are charms for puzzling but I am going to go grab that one for my daughter. Thank you

  5. These are great suggestions. I love to wear silver. The beach and water charm looks lovely and I am gonna buy it for myself and the flowers for my daughter.

  6. I love summertime, it is my favourite season. We usually play games too, out and about with the family. I love these charms they are so cute. I really like the live love laugh charm. I think I will get some of these for my daughter. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Kay, thank you for your comment. It really sounds like you have a blast in the summer, happy memories! You’re right though, the live, love, laugh charm is definitely great in all seasons.

  7. Hey, I really liked your post, and I have enjoyed what reading about what the summer really is! Its reminds me of the time when I was younger and without worries! I was also looking for a beautiful present for my wife!
    You have just given me a beautiful Idea!
    Thank you very much and I cannot wait for your next post!

  8. Hi there,
    I’ve never been much of a ‘charm’ person but after reading your post I’m finding myself looking into buying a charm for myself and partner, we love to travel and the world charm just jumps out at me!
    and such a good price I cannot resist!
    I would like to see some photos of the movies, puzzles and shopping charms. I like to buy with my eyes ;P

    1. Hi Graeme,

      Thanks for your comment, have fun selecting your favourite charm to buy, it was a hard decision for me too. I included photos of the charms for movies, puzzles and shopping, you can take another look at the post.

  9. Growing up with a musical background, I love the music charm, I would love to receive that as a gift, and I also love the puzzle piece charm, I would love if my husband got me that gift for a holiday, thanks so much for the great post!

    1. Hi Madysen, thank you for your comment. Great to hear that you found some charms that you liked. You can share this post with your husband as a not so subtle hint for holiday gifts lol

  10. I am loving these silver charms. I definitely have to get that cute little turtle. It’s a great reminder of my little Caribbean island because we have a lot of turtles here. Matter of fact, all the beach related charms hit home for me. And the prices are just right. You certainly did well with this charm selection.

    1. Hi Carol, thank you for reading this post. Where are you from in the Caribbean? It definitely tried to highlight a variety of charms so I’m glad to hear that you liked it πŸ™‚

  11. What a great selection of charms! There were so many I liked; the puzzle, dog, music and beach. This summer will be quiet for me, but we do plan to visit Europe one summer (eventually). The beach or travel charm can be a nice reminder of our goal These are really cute, can’t wait for your next post! Cheers

    1. Hi CJ, thanks for stopping by again and commenting. A European summer sounds amazing! In the meantime, a staycation works for sure πŸ™‚ Celebrate and enjoy the summer however you can and these charms can definitely be great reminders.

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