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We’ve already learnt on the blog that charms make fantastic gifts. However, if you were wondering about when would be a good time to give a charm as a gift, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of 12 occasions that are suitable to give charms as gifts. Create extra special memories by gifting a charm on any of these occasions.

Giving Charms as Gifts on:

1/ Birthdays

Birthdays are one of the most popular gift-giving occasions. Charms are great gifts and for milestone birthdays (18th, 30th etc), you can get customized charms to commemorate the special milestone of your loved one.

2/ Weddings & Anniversaries

Weddings are joyous events as family and loved ones gather to celebrate the union of the happy couple. A charm can be a simple way for the bride to remember the big day on a frequent basis. Alternatively, charms can be gifted to celebrate wedding anniversaries.

3/ Valentine’s Day

Although this day is associated with couples, it’s becoming increasingly commonplace to give gifts to others. You can show your love to those in your life with a charm to mark the Day of Love in February. Combine the charm with another gift (chocolates and flowers are great) and/or thoughtful gesture to make the day extra special.

charm bracelet with the words love on a flower

4/ Mother’s Day

A charm is a great way to show appreciation to your mother or a lady who has played the role of a mother in your life. A handwritten note or card is also a fantastic complement to the charm for “mother dearest”.

5/ Graduation

Graduation signifies the completion of a course of study a programme. A charm gift is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the achievement particularly for teenagers or young adults who have successfully completed high school or university. A charm that represents their school or university can often become a treasured memento.

6/ Thank You

We can say thank you in so many ways from the literal words “thank you” to cards and small gifts and even large extravagant gifts. A charm fits somewhere in the middle on that scale and can be easily combined with other gifts to make it extra special as needed πŸ™‚

7/ Christmas & Other Holidays

According to the song, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year to spend with friends and family. Charms are a unique option for Christmas gifts and to celebrate other holidays and seasons as they can be personalised to each individual based on the distinct tastes and interests. Some can also be engraved for that extra unique touch.

charms as gift- decoration on christmas tree


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8/ New Baby Birth/Christening/Dedication

This charm gift can be for the mum and/or the new baby girl as both are definitely part of the celebration. A charm placed on a necklace can very easily grow with the baby and eventually form part of her very own charm bracelet at a later age. Gifting a charm for the mum can become a tradition as a way to celebrate each child with a unique charm for each.

9/ Moving/Relocation Gift

Relocating to another country or another part of a country to start a new job or pursue studies is typical these days. A good luck charm or one that represents new beginnings can be a thoughtful gift to someone in this position. Alternatively, a charm that is a tangible reminder of the familiar amidst all the “new” can go a long way.

10/ Souvenir/Travel Related

A charm as a souvenir is a great way to commemorate a trip or holiday. It can become a regular reminder of the memories made and the bonus is that you can collect a charm unique to each destination you visit. Then you can create a one-of-a-kind travel collection charm bracelet.

charms as gifts- travel holiday items: hat, camera, jeans, shirt, book, glasses and coconut

11/ Professional Milestone

A new job, promotion or professional certification can be signified with a spanking new charm that can help you highlight the positives in the job or role you are leaving behind. For example, if you worked on a particular project or you were involved in an event that you really enjoyed, a charm is a fun way to remember this time and its importance to you professionally.

12/ Personalised Occasion

This one is fantastic as by default it is automatically very personalised as it relates to an event or milestone that is specific to the recipient. An example would be if a friend went on a hot air balloon ride and you gave her a charm of a hot air balloon to remind her of that trip.

Or here’s a personal example for me, I went on a horseback ride last year with some friends. I have a fear of heights so it was a major accomplishment personally to complete the horseback ride so a charm that symbolizes this accomplishment would certainly be a cherished gift for me.

charms as gifts- 3 colour hot air balloons

Last but not least, although this post is specifically for gifting charms for specific occasions, it’s important to remember that we don’t need to be limited only to special occasions. Charms can be given anytime and “just because” gifts are lovely surprises for friends and families.

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Post Author: Tamika G

14 Replies to “12 Occasions to Give Charms as Gifts”

  1. You have some great suggestions in this post. I have only really considered giving charms as gifts at Christmas time or birthdays. But you have suggested many other occasions that would also be appropriate.
    I have a Pandora bracelet and a lot of the charms have a special sentiment to me, they really are an excellent gift choice. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Helen, thank you for sharing. Yes, charms really can fit a wide variety of occasions as I learnt in creating this post. That’s great to hear that you have your own charm bracelet with charms that hold special memories for you. Here’s to adding many more πŸ™‚

  2. Wow what a fun and interesting article. I never realised there were so many occasions to give charms as presents this will be welcome news to my wife as she LOVES them!

  3. It sounds like a very great gift in every festival, I never heard charm this brand, but after that, I will like to buy and as a gift! Mother day just passed now, maybe the next time I will buy it as a birthday gift! Thank you so much for this great article!

    1. Thanks for your comment. Great to hear that you now have ideas for gifts in the future. Have fun choosing the perfect charm for your loved one πŸ™‚

  4. Wow, who knew there were so many times to give a gift to someone, I love the idea of a birthday charm especially for big milestone birthdays.

    One occasion I didn’t think about was the professional milestone. What a great idea! My sister just recently graduated nursing school and I think a charm bracelet with a stethoscope would be perfect for her!

    I love these ideas, thank you!

    1. Hi Madeline, thanks for your comment. Congrats to your sister too on graduating. A stethoscope charm sounds like a really unique gift for her to help celebrate that big achievement πŸ™‚

  5. What a lovely article! I like that you covered the more well known occasions like birthdays and Christmas but also that you highlighted often overlooked occasions like graduations. There really is a charm for every occasion!

    I would like to offer some feedback on your article too. In your valentine’s day section you quote things like “the woman in your life” but that might be quite alienating to some readers so it would be nice to include any significant other πŸ™‚ A similar thing with Christmas. Not everyone celebrates Christmas but there are so many other wonderful holidays and occasions from cultures all around the world! Maybe you could include some of them in the Christmas section too πŸ™‚

    I did really enjoy reading your article πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Alex,

      Yes, I agree, there is a charm for every occasion. Thanks so much for your feedback. I’ll certainly take another look at the post and update accordingly.

  6. When I was a child, I loved charms and collected them, but that was a mighty long time ago. Your article gave me some ideas for times I might use them. I also like that they are often quite moderately priced. I share your fear of heights and have quite a story to tell about riding one of my uncle’s horses as it tried to knock me off.

    1. Hi Zana, yes you’re right charms really are quite reasonably priced which helps make them great for a variety of occasions. I’m sorry to hear you had your own horse drama story but happy to know that I have company πŸ™‚

  7. It’s such a sweet sentiment to gift charms. I love that you’ve covered so many occasions to consider to gift such a gift. You do give a lot of ideas here which are very valid and good reminders. It can be so difficult to think of what to give to someone who you value in your life, and a charm is the perfect way to do that. The idea of giving a charm that the person can identify with an achievement or event is also a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Kat, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Yes, you are right when you’re stuck for ideas on what to give someone, a charm is certainly a great option as there is so much variety, you’ll always be able to find something.

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