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The season of fall is here and we are experiencing the changes in weather, for example, the days start to get shorter and a bit cooler and the leaves change gorgeous colours before they fall. Here at Tea, Chocolate & Charms, we’re excited to share our compilation of fall silver bracelet charms  (USD$10 & Under) that remind of us of this beautiful season. These cute charms are awesome to celebrate various aspects and activities of fall.

We encourage you to find the right charms that represent your happiest fall memories!

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Fall Finery

With the leaves on the trees changing colours, fall really is a colourful time of the year as we see oranges, ambers and browns dominating the landscape. Enjoy the vibrant fall colours with one or more of these bedazzled charms.


Passionate about Pumpkins

Pumpkins are certainly synonymous with fall. Whether you have a sweet tooth and look forward to pumpkin pie, pumpkin spiced latte or other pumpkin treats or you’re determined to carve your own pumpkin masterpiece, pumpkins provide endless fall fun for all ages. This pumpkin charm is another great addition for the season.


Warming Up with Hot Beverages

The cooler temperatures make hot beverages popular a firm fall favourite. The seasonal fall offerings of chai teas, lattes, frappuccinos & mochas which usually include some variation of pumpkin can be sure to get you into the fall feeling.

silver bracelet charms- silver coffee charm

Candy Corn Delight

These tiny but colourful treats make their presence felt in fall. If you want to minimize the intake of sugar and calories, then this candy corn charm is a keeper as you can admire the tri-coloured candy while keeping your calories within your limit.  Here’s a fun fact about candy corn: it is actually made from bottom to top with the white bit being the bottom.silver bracelet charms- candy corn charm

Fall Family Fun

With Thanksgiving celebrated in November, it’s no surprise that a family charm features in our list. Gathering with family & friends and spending time together on this special holiday hopefully serves to add pleasant memories for us in the fall season.

American Football Festivities

American football follows on nicely from the point above with family on Thanksgiving as the matches that play in the afternoon on Thanksgiving Day are widely watched. Select the charm for your preferred team and cheer them on during the season!

Think Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month of the colour pink is associated with this cause. Around the world, individuals and companies show their support and raise awareness in many ways. The sudden influx of pink certainly is a strong visual reminder. Show your support with this pretty pink charm.

silver bracelet charms- Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet charm


We hope you enjoyed reading our fall edition list of silver bracelet charms. We’ll be posting our Christmas list in a couple of months so be sure to keep an eye out for this.

Before you go, we’d love to hear about how are you celebrating the fall season?

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Post Author: Tamika G

30 Replies to “11 Silver Bracelet Charms (Fall Edition)”

  1. It’s actually Spring where I am (heading to a long-awaited summer)! But I’m looking forward to Halloween and that pumpkin charm is just the cutest! It goes well with the theme of family fun 🙂 What are your plans for fall?

    I think my favourite is the coffee cup, definitely a real icon for fall! And the pink charms are a nice way to show support for a good cause. I’m not familiar with candy corn but you’ve got me curious. Is it very sweet?

    You’ve got a great selection here, it’s hard to choose! I might have to get a couple. Thanks for sharing, and happy thanksgiving.

    1. Hi CJ, thanks for your comment. You’ve got a headstart when fall comes around then lol. Yes, I think the pumpkin charm is the cutest as well. About the candy corn, it is quite sweet. Have a great summer when it comes, you can always check out our Summer edition list to get you in the summer mood.

      1. Hi. I enjoyed this post. I love making jewelry. I love the family tree charm, and the pumpkin is so cute! These details are going to make my bracelets perfect for the fall. Thank you for sharing.
        Have a nice day.

        1. Hi Katja, thank you for your comment. The family tree charm is pretty and yes the pumpkin charm really is adorable. I hope your fall bracelet making goes well.

  2. Hi Tamika, I love your website, Tea Chocolate and charms – 11 silver Bracelet Charms. These are so cute and the fall charms are just in the right time. I absolutely love the Candy Corn Delight, Passionate about Pumpkins, and the Breast Cancer Awareness month charm. I think I will get one for my daughter and granddaughter. I think they will love them.
    Warm Regards ~ Margaret

    1. Hi Margaret, thank you for taking the time to comment. The Breast Cancer Awareness charm is a great way to support and raise awareness of the cause. I hope your daughter and grandaughter like the charms you choose for them. Happy fall!

  3. We just had our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and we took the opportunity to get out of town and enjoy the fall colours. Your compilation of fall silver bracelet charms seem a timely continuation of the experience of the beauty that fall brings. The vibrant fall colours of your bedazzled charms speak to this.

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment. The bedazzled fall coloured charms are gorgeous yes I agree. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. I hope you continue to enjoy the fall season.

  4. Lovely post, Tamika, all of these charms are absolutely gorgeous!

    I have a few friends’ birthdays coming up next month so the pretty November charm is definitely in my sights. I adore the little Starbucks themed one too, so sweet!


    1. Hi Kiara, thank you for commenting. Birthdays are definitely a great occasion to give charms as gifts so yes, great idea! I’m not a big coffee drinker personally but this charm is cute, agreed! Happy fall!

  5. Nice post. This made me feel even more into the fall season, which is probably my favorite season of the year. Definitely looking forward to seeing Tom Brady and the Patriots play throughout the season.

    I am celebrating the fall season by watching the Major League Baseball postseason, which is very exciting for a baseball fan like me.

    Have fun!

    1. Hi Ben, thank you for your comment. I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying fall and it’s one of your favourite seasons, awesome! Enjoy your football and baseball this season, I hope your teams do well

  6. I love the family tree charm. That would be the perfect gift for my mom. She has been spending her retirement researching our ancestors. The pink charm is lovely, too, and perfect for breast cancer awareness this month. Thank you for sharing your fall recommendations.

    1. Hi Rebecca, thanks for your comment. That’s quite the undertaking for your mum and the family charm would be a great option. Maybe you could look at gifting it to her when she hits a milestone in her research.

  7. Love your site! With fall in the air, this couldn’t be more timely. You have a nice selection. Can’t wait to see what the holidays have in store.

    I’ll keep an eye out!

    1. Hi Beth, thank you for your comment. I’m glad to hear that you like the site. Haha, yes I’m looking forward to sharing the Christmas list soon. I’ll have to let you know when it’s live.

  8. I love this post! Fall is my favorite time of the year, so this is perfect! I love that you keep all of these under $10, very affordable. But they are also all so cute! My grandparents give me a charm every year for my bracelet. I haven’t seen those football ones before! I’ll be sure to pass this along since they love these charms as well 🙂

  9. As always I love your website and posts. I love Candy Corn Delight as you mentioned that it has less sugar and calories.
    I think these should be promoted more as they seem to be healthy.

    One question: Can these be eaten by vegans or vegetarians too?

    1. Hi Thabo, thanks for your comment. Candy Corn are quite sugary but the charm itself isn’t that’s what I was getting at actually 🙂 Unfortunately candy corn is not vegetarian or vegan, sorry!

  10. Hi Tamika, could you tell me what bracelets these charms are compatible with?

    My partner would love the pink charm representing breast cancer and my little girl would love the pumpkin charm with Halloween around the corner.

    As we’re in the UK we don’t celebrate the fall season quite like you guys do the other side of the pond, but we do have Halloween and Bonfire Night 🙂

    1. Hi Mike, these charms are compatible with almost any bracelet including Pandora bracelets. Those are 2 great choices for charms, I’m sure they will be loved. Bonfire Night is awesome, have fun celebrating!

  11. Great post. These charms are so cute. I love the little football team charms. DO they have one for every team? I also love the Starbucks charm. Are there any charms where the manufacturers donate proceeds to a cause? I have seen the breast cancer ribbon charms but have you come across any other ones? Thanks so much for these suggestions. Great gift ideas.

    1. Hi Ashley, thanks for commenting. I don’t know if they have charms for every football team but certainly the popular ones. I’ve also not seen a charm where the manufacturer makes a donation to the cause but that’s a great idea. I’ve seen it with other items for sure but not yet for charms although of course, it could exist and I’m not aware. I’ll need to do more research to see…

  12. Hi, thanks a lot for this great article about charms! I don’t know much about jewellery but autumn is the favourite season of my girlfriend. We love having long walks when the leaves of trees are changing colour. These charms are great gift ideas!

  13. Thanks for the interesting post. It has given me some gift ideas for the upcoming Holidays. The charms in the post are very beautiful and colorful. Very nice.

    Thanks for sharing,

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